Announcing Wccftech Merchandise: Hoodies With Zippers That Actually Last, T-Shirts and Caps!

Abdullah Saad
Our hoodies feature, high-quality, long-lasting zippers.

In a world drowning with completely unnecessary merch, we thought we would throw our own proverbial (and literal) hats in the ring as well. Wccftech is proud to introduce our very own line of high-quality merchandise. We promise this is not us being greedy and there was a very real market need for this (we will get back to you as soon as we think of a plausible reason). The Wccftech Merchandise Store can be accessed here.

Support the site and actually get something in return! Isn't this an obvious capitalistic trap? Maybe ಠ_ಠ

Our merchandise is high quality, and guaranteed* to fill the void in your life. Almost nothing is better than impulse-buying that satisfies those late night needs for overreaching consumerism (*= only 1 out of 1000 users report a marginal improvement in the empty feeling of existential dread, and even then - a correlation was never established between our hoodies and that improvement).

The absolute first thing we added to our roster was a hoodie that actually lasts. So without further ado, let me introduce our lineup!

The Hoodie

We know you absolutely love the design and want to nominate for the fashion oscars (or whatever they are called) but the material is cotton polyester mixed fleece fabric. Durable category A zipper was used to ensure these last at least a bit longer than your average hoodie. Screen print on the front side, high density print on the arm and reflective print on the back. Dry cleaning preferred.

The P-Cap

Up next is this absolutely dashing looking cap if we do say so ourselves. Made with cotton jeans fabric with an adjustable buckle and lots of sweat love. High density logo print on the front. This thing is going to last for ages and is sure to make everyone question your choices in fashion. This is your opportunity to stand out from all the sheep.

The First Tee and Second Tee


Do you prefer a corporate branded shirt for your personal life? or maybe a shirt as black as your future? Well, we have got you covered in both cases with t-shirts made of 100% knitted cotton fabric. It has screen print on the front and a high density logo print on the shoulder. We love our logos so you probably don't want to machine-wash this but since literally no one follows washing instructions - feel free to chuck it in that washing machine - our logo be damned.

Check out the official Wccftech merchandise store with more pictures and order over here!

PS: Actual photo of our editor moments before he was fired for this "brilliant" campaign (🤦‍♂️):

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