Anker is Selling a Pack of 3 USB-C Chargers for just $26.34 Right Now


Looking for a trio of 20W USB-C chargers? Get some high quality ones from Anker for a low price of just $26.34.

Save 11% on Anker’s Three Pack of 20W USB-C Chargers and Fast Charge All the Things

This pack will usually cost $29.45 on any ordinary day so this deal saves you 11% without having to do anything at all - no discount codes or coupons needed.

As we mentioned before, this is a pack of three USB-C chargers and each charger is capable of pushing out 20W of power whenever needed. This means that it will charge something like an iPhone 13 at full speed and is 100% compatible with the MagSafe charger which Apple sells.

Unlike many chargers out there, this one comes with a foldable plug design. This makes the charger perfect for traveling or to put in tight spaces like a jeans pocket.

With a ton of safety features built right in, you can rest assured that this will also keep your connected device safe apart from charge it as quickly as possible.

Whether it is an iPhone, iPad or an Android device, these chargers will handle them all without any issue at all.

This is an extremely limited time deal and one you shouldn’t miss if you’re looking for a high quality 20W charger to charge stuff around you.

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