Anker is Selling a Multiple USB-C Port 40W Charger for Just $20.99

Anker 40W charger available for $20.99.

Looking to charge two devices at once via USB-C? Pick up this 40W charger from Anker for a low price of just $20.99.

Anker PowerPort III Duo Drops to Just $20.99 for Limited Time, Charge 2 iPhones Together at Full 20W Speed

Charging two devices at once is nothing but a blessing. It saves us a lot of time and is nothing less than a convenience. And if you're looking to do the same, then you can jump into the scene with the Anker PowerPort III Duo.

Right now, the aforementioned charger is available with a generous discount attached, bringing the price down to just $20.99. With a solid rating of 4.8 out of 5, it goes to show that people have solid faith in this particular product as well.

With 2 USB-C ports at the front, you get a total power output of 40W, with each port capable of pushing out 20W on its own. This means you can charge an iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 at full speed, allowing you to top your battery up to 50% from 0 in around 25 minutes. That's fast!

With a foldable plug design, this charger is meant to be taken on road trips and won't poke holes in your backpack while you travel with it. And lastly, there are tons of safety protections built right in which ensure safe charging of your devices no matter what the situation.

There are no discount codes or coupons needed to bring the price down. Just make sure you place your order on time in order to bring the price down.

Buy iPhone Charger USB-C, Anker 40W 2-Port PIQ 3.0, PowerPort III Duo - Was $27.99, now just $20.99

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