Android TV Gets a Home Screen Revamp in the New Update


Google's Android TV has been around for some time now, but even then, it has only seen two core designs that Google has built on top of. With that said, Google TV will replace Android TV, and this will be taking place over the next year, but right now, Google is bringing a lot of the Google TV experience over to the current hardware. The Android TV home screen is currently being updated with new personalized recommendations, as well as a "Discover" tab, and more.

The New Home Screen Redesign on Android TV Makes it Look More Like Google TV as We Head Into the Transition.

The update is being rolled out today and will continue over the new few weeks; the TVs will start seeing an update to the home screen. This feature will deliver an experience that's a lot closer to what we have experienced on Google TV, and while it is not a carbon copy, you still manage to see the similarities.

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The most prominent change here is that just like Google TV< the Android TV's home screen is also getting three tabs; these tabs will be Home, Discover, and Apps. The main home tab acts similar to what Android TV offers at the time of writing. It shows the sponsored row at the top, followed by "Favourite Apps" and "Play Next" below. From that point, you will get access to rows that will show content from apps installed on your Android TV.

In addition to that, another new feature is the "Discover" tab, which is a new experience altogether. You can find movies, TV shows that are trending on Google Search as well as personalized recommendations. The "Watchlist" feature from Google TV is missing here. Finally, we have apps tabs that will show the apps that are installed as well as a link to the Google Play Store.

Google has stated that the redesigned home screen will be rolling out in the United States along with Australia, Germany, Canada, France, with more countries to follow.