Android OS coming soon to an iPod Touch 4G / iPad near you

Nov 14, 2010

The bitter irony of the scenario is alone is reason enough for Steve Jobs to cry his heart out, A Google OS being operated on an Apple devices, thanks to the efforts of Hexxeh we can soon run Google Android OS off iPod Touch 4G's / iPad's and even iPhone 4's. Although I am pretty sure that since it will utilize a custom built ROM there will definitely be bugs in the OS but if one can avoid or over look those bugs they can really get comfortable with the ultimate combination of an iOS device's capacitive touchscreen with the efficiency of an Android OS.

The software is called OpeniBoot which will probably be available for free, although there is no confirmed release date out yet we will just have to wait for Hexxeh to finish the final touches on this ultimate merger of two unique devices.

Source: Hexxeh's Twitter