Android 13 Could Let Users Set Language on a Per-App Basis

Furqan Shahid
Android 13 Could Let Users Set Language on a Per-App Basis

It has only been a few months since Google rolled out the Android 12 update and even now the update has not reached all the devices from other OEMs. However, that does not stop the company from working on Android 13, and the latest tip that we have reveals a little about a new feature that might be coming to the next iteration of Android.

Android 13 Could Feature Even More Customization with New Language Setting Options

Based on a report from Android Police, Google is apparently working on a new feature that is codenamed 'Panlingual,' for Android 13 and this feature is going to let users define language settings on a per-app basis. An unnamed source with this information has told the source that it will allow users to specify choose a specific language for each app on their device, which is going to be very useful for multilingual users.

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The report also reveals that it will appear as a new "App languages" option within the "Language & input" settings that are already there. However, users will also be able to access it from the "App info" screen. It is also important to keep in mind that the feature is currently in the early stages of development and the final version of Android 13 might see a different interpretation of this feature.

It is also worth mentioning that Google Maps already lets users change the internal language settings while most of the other apps rely on the system-wide language setting. However, if Android 13 does end up featuring the upcoming language, it would really help everyone as you could be browsing Twitter in one language, and editing documents in MS Word in a different language.

Before you get excited, it is important to know that we are still months away from the first Android 13 Developer Preview, and it will take some time before we start hearing more things. There is also a chance that the feature might never really make it to the final version of Android.

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