Android 13 Beta 3.3 Rolls Out with Wi-Fi and Other Connectivity Fixes

Android 13 Beta 3.3 Rolls Out with Wi-Fi and Other Connectivity Fixes
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Google has gone ahead and surprised us all as the company has released the Android 13 Beta 3.3 for Pixel phones. The reason why this came as a surprise is that it has only been two weeks since the last release, and the last update was a substantial one, to say the least.

For those wondering, the Android 13 Beta 3.3 “includes the latest stability and performance improvements and the following bug fixes.” Along with a trio of patches that should fix the connectivity.

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Google Pushes a Surprise Android 13 Beta 3.3 for All Pixel Devices

You can look at them below.

  • Fixed an issue where devices couldn’t connect to a WiFi network even when the network was available and the signal strength was good.
  • Fixed an issue with BluetoothManagerService that led to slow performance and cold starts for apps.
  • Fixed an issue with the Connectivity Thermal Power Manager that caused slow UI rendering, unresponsiveness in apps, and poor battery performance in some cases.

Aside from the network-related fixes, the new Android 13 Beta 3.3 also brings a number of new fixes that should improve the UI/UX.

  • Fixed an issue with the Pixel launcher where if the Always show Keyboard option was enabled for the app drawer, then when the user closed the app drawer and opened an app folder on the Home screen, the keyboard was erroneously shown as well.
  • Fixed an issue where in some cases, such as gesturing to go back, the system UI crashed.
  • Fixed an issue where in some cases after a device was plugged in to charge (for example, overnight), the device would become unresponsive until it was rebooted.
  • Fixed a kernel issue with lib/list_debug.c that caused a kernel panic for some devices.

As always, factory images for Android 13 Beta 3.3 build TPB3.220617.002 are now available and you can download them below.

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