Android 13 Beta 2 Finally Announced with Lots of Amazing Features


Another amazing announcement at the Google I/O 2022 is that Google finally announced the 2nd beta of Android 13 Beta too. With the new version, Google is looking to improve the overall quality and performance of the platform while building on several areas that matter most to the users. You are getting features such as privacy, security, personalization, as well as large-screen devices.

Google has decided to share more information about Android 13 and release the second beta across many Android phones, tablets, as well as foldable devices.

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Android 13 Beta 2 Finally Reveals More About Security, Personalization, Performance, and More

In Android 13, Google is deciding to bring better control over what personal information you can share and more detailed control over what files your apps will be able to access. Instead of permitting access to all the files, you can now decide which categories or file types you want the phone to access. This is definitely a feature that most people are going to like, especially those who are concerned about their privacy.




Additionally, with Android 13, Google is also allowing the users to be more deliberate about how they will engage with apps. While the app notifications will always be useful, you will now have more control over how you want to get the notifications. This means that in the new version of Android, apps must get your permission before they send you notifications.

Later this year, Google will introduce a unified Security and Privacy settings page in Android 13 that brings all the device's data privacy and security all around.


Moving further, Google is bringing new features to Material You. This time around, with Android 13, you will be able to customize the colors of your theme even more. Once you choose a color variant, you will see the variant applied across the entirety of the OS that will accentuate the wallpaper and style.

Different color variants applied across the calculator app of 4 phone shells on a floral orange wallpaper

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Not just that, Android 13 has also extended color theming of your app icons beyond Google apps. Starting with Google Pixel devices, users will be able to turn on the "Themed icons" toggle in your settings so you can have all the supported apps match the phone's colors.

Apps on the home screen are all light orange and gray to match the orange floral wallpaper

With Android 13, Google is also bringing a new media control that tailors its look based on the music that you are listening to, featuring the artwork of the album.

A phone’s lockscreen with a media player in the center with colorful artwork playing a song.

Google is also bringing an option to allow you to setup app-based language, which means that if you want to have your SMS app in English, and the other app in some other language, you will be able to do it with ease.

Google is also bringing more and more updates to tablets and larger screens, allowing you to have a better overall experience on tablets. This means that tablets will be getting better app support and scaling, as well.

A tablet user drags and drops apps like Google Photos and Gmail into split screen from the new All Apps entry point in their taskbar.

Google will be seeding the Android 13 Beta 2 today for all the eligible devices, we will keep you posted as Google pushes the files for download.

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