Android 11 Introduces More Features Like Screen Recording and Touch Sensitivity


It's only been a few days since Google started rolling out the Android 11 Developer Preview for Pixel 2 and onwards. The release was certainly ahead of the normal schedule, but still, people were more than willing to test out the build. This time, however, the developer preview is strictly for developers as it does not have a lot of functionality. But it does come with a slew of features. We have already discussed some of them in a post before.

Now we have some more features for you to look at.

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Features Like Screen Recording and Touch Sensitivity on Android 11

One of the most notable features that made its return happens to be screen recording. Even though Google did introduce it back in Android 10, it was broken to a point that Google had to disable it. However, most OEMs like Samsung still had it in their build and it continued to function without a hitch.

The screen recording has made a return once more, and while it is still buggy, all thanks to the fact that it is still a developer preview, it does work, and it seems like we are going to get a fully baked version in the final release.

Touch Sensitivity

Another feature that Android 11 is coming with is touch sensitivity. This is, by no means, a new feature as we have seen this in Samsung devices as well. However, to see it on stock Android means that you can now have an easier time using screen protectors.

There are some screen protectors in the market that throw off the touch sensitivity by a greater measure and at times, you cannot even use the phone properly. With this feature, you might have an easier time with them.

Another usage of this setting could be seen with the touch screen supported gloves that are widely available in the market.

That being said, the feature is certainly a welcomed change, but considering how Android 11 is still in the preview stages, we are not sure about what features are going to make into the final build.