AMD’s Powerful Ryzen 7 2700X and 2700 CPUs Are a Budget System Builder’s Dream Thanks to Prime Day 2019

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Acquiring a high-end CPU is a task that’s out of bounds for a lot of consumers due to financial constraints, but Amazon Prime Day 2019 has got you covered. If you feel that AMD’s Ryzen Threadripper processors deals are still out of your budget, perhaps you should take a look at the Ryzen 7 2700x and 2700. Both chips feature a total of eight cores and 16 threads, with the 2700x running at a clock speed of 3.7GHz and Precision Boost 2 of up to 4.3GHz.

All eight cores can clock up to 4GHz when needed. As for the Ryzen 7 2700, it features a base clock speed of 3.2GHz, with Extended Frequency Range (XFR) up to 4.1GHz. Both CPUs are compatible with boards using the AM4 socket, so you won’t run into any compatibility issues if you use any of the two chips.

As for the pricing, the 2700x is available for just $199.99, while the 2700 will set you back by just $149.99. With these processors priced under the $200 range for Prime Day 2019, it gives budget system builders the perfect opportunity to save more money in the process. If you possessed a higher budget already but were awestruck with these fabulous discounts, you’ll have a lot more saved up for different components which will add to those speeds of your final build.

Get the Ryzen 7 2700X for just $199.99

Get the Ryzen 7 2700 for just $149.99

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