AMD’s Fusion Dual and Quad Core are 32Nm.

Hassan Mujtaba

AMD has stated that its upcoming fusion processors will be based on a 32Nm Process. The CPU's which will be released in 2011 will have three iterations, One Dual core, A Quad core and a dual core with low power consumption. The new processors will end up very similar to the already existing Phenom K10.5 cores.

The processors will be DDR3 compatible and not to forget that they'll also have a Integrated GPU within the CPU die. The Most efficient processors of these Fusion Llano line of processors will need only 20w. Compared with Intel's Arrandale which will have a 32nm CPU and a 45nm IGP die consumes only 18w. It looks like that AMD's fusion will be a direct competitor against the Intel's 2011 processors.


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