AMD’s Free Sync Compilant Monitors Coming in 2015 – Review Samples Next Month

AMD's FreeSync technology was one of the widely discussed techs at the time of its unveiling. The question that everyone seemed to be asking (and debating) was whether AMD could truly provide the capability of the G-Sync Monitors with no apparent additional cost. Well, so far the only samples that had been available were on AMD demos but it looks like the release date of AMD FreeSync Compliant Monitors is finally in sight.AMD VESA DisplayPort 1.2a Standard

AMD Free Sync Monitors Shipping in 2015 - Debuting in DisplayPort 1.2a Standard

All this is happening over at the SIGGRAPH conference and it was revealed there that the monitors will start sending out samples by next month so they can be tested in third party labs. Basically the 'engineering samples' of these displays will ship by September while the official release happens sometime in 2015. Since there were no samples of FreeSync available to the press or public before (booths excepted) this should more or less put an end to the FreeSync vs. G-Sync debate once the jury comes in.

AMD FreeSync, unlike Nvidia G-Sync is completely and utterly royalty free, however, that does not automatically mean you will get Free-Sync without charge because the choice of adding premium lies with the manufacturers. And somehow I sincerely doubt manufacturers would go through the trouble of making models FreeSync compliant and not introduce any premium to the MSRP. The cost of making a monitor FreeSync compliant is quite marginal though, somewhere in the range of $10-20, so that should give you an idea of how much Premium a brand is charging on any "FreeSync compatible" monitor. The refresh rate of these monitors is going to range from 24Hz to 144Hz. Needless to say there is a very huge verdict coming and one side of the Red-Green war is going to be disappointed. I for one can't wait to see how these two products fare against each other.

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