AMD X670E, X670, B650 Chipsets For Ryzen 7000 ‘Raphael’ CPUs Reportedly Being Unveiled at Computex 2022


Website TechPowerUp contends that the unreleased, but upcoming AMD X670, X670E, and B650 chipsets for Ryzen 7000 'Raphael' Desktop CPUs will be revealed at Computex 2022, next week.

AMD X670E, X670, B650 Chipsets To Be Detailed Next Week at Computex 2022, Next-Gen AM5 Platform For Ryzen 7000 'Raphael' Desktop CPUs

Further claims made by the website include that the X670 series will offer a high-tier X670E (E for Extreme) chipset that will provide PCIe Express Gen 5.0 support that will aid both storage & GPUs. The X670 standard chipset is planned to support both PCIe Gen 4.0 and PCIe Gen 5.0 support but that would be a vendor-specific decision while the X670E chipset will have mandatory PCIe Gen 5.0 support for both devices. All new chips will require the more recent DDR5 memory, which is costly at the moment.

AMD Ryzen 7000 ‘AM5’ Motherboards From B650 To X670 Rumored To Start at Around $130 US & Go As High As $500 US

We can now tell you that the X670E will be a special SKU where the E stands for Extreme. Based on the information we’ve managed to source, it doesn’t seem to differ from the X670 chipset in terms of functionality or features. However, all X670E motherboards must offer PCIe 5.0 connectivity to both the GPU and the M.2 NVMe SSD slot or possibly slots, whereas X670 based motherboards can use PCIe 4.0 instead […]

the now missing TechPowerUP post

Similar rumors are floating in tech media circles. It adds a little more validity to the claim, but questions about TechPowerUp's post are now arising. The website has pulled the story as well as on their Twitter page. Our editor, Hassan Mujtaba, was also able to confirm a similar report earlier this week which comes from sources close to AMD.

The unreleased but planned AMD X670 chipset will offer dual Promontory 21 chipsets made by ASMedia, which was confirmed in a story on rival Tom's Hardware over a month ago. The overall consensus will be that users will be expected to pay a high price for the following three available chipsets, especially with the high costs of utilizing DDR5 memory currently. We will update this story as more information develops.

AMD Mainstream Desktop CPU Generations Comparison:

AMD CPU FamilyCodenameProcessor ProcessProcessors Cores/Threads (Max)TDPs (Max)PlatformPlatform ChipsetMemory SupportPCIe SupportLaunch
Ryzen 1000Summit Ridge14nm (Zen 1)8/1695WAM4300-SeriesDDR4-2677Gen 3.02017
Ryzen 2000Pinnacle Ridge12nm (Zen +)8/16105WAM4400-SeriesDDR4-2933Gen 3.02018
Ryzen 3000Matisse7nm (Zen 2)16/32105WAM4500-SeriesDDR4-3200Gen 4.02019
Ryzen 5000Vermeer7nm (Zen 3)16/32105WAM4500-SeriesDDR4-3200Gen 4.02020
Ryzen 5000 3DWarhol?7nm (Zen 3D)8/16105WAM4500-SeriesDDR4-3200Gen 4.02022
Ryzen 7000Raphael5nm (Zen 4)16/32170WAM5600-SeriesDDR5-5200/5600?Gen 5.02022
Ryzen 7000 3DRaphael5nm (Zen 4)16/32?105-170WAM5600-SeriesDDR5-5200/5600?Gen 5.02023
Ryzen 8000Granite Ridge3nm (Zen 5)?TBATBAAM5700-Series?DDR5-5600+Gen 5.02024-2025?

News Source: Videocardz