AMD showcases its Upcoming Dual Chip card HD6990.

On AMD's recent Asian Tour it showcased it upcoming HD6990 once more which brings a few noticeable updates over the previously shown card. One thing to be noticed is the card is really long and wont fit inside any case and comes with a single cooler placed at its center. Question is that will that cooler be able to cool that powerhouse? As we know that the card is based on Dual Chips so heat output will be alot. The Back Panel includes 5 Mini Display Ports along with a single DVI connector. A Black Back Plate is also included to help dissipate heat off the back of the card.

The design however has changed as you can see the previously shown HD6990 had a design layout similar to the HD6900 series graphics cards featuring red lines on the side while the new card has been kept plain and simple. This is all we came to know about the new card. For more info on the specs, Check the post here.

Old Design:

New Design:


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