AMD Showcases Radeon E6760 GPU at Computex 2011

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Jun 1, 2011

Guys over at Semiaccurate took pictures of a mysterious card displayed on AMD’s booth at Computex 2011 event. The card was labeled “E6760” which makes it a Embedded solution of the Radeon HD 6700 series lineup. But its one weird card because it comes with Six Video Outputs consisting of 3 DVI outputs (2 on side and 1 on Rear Panel) while 3 HDMI outputs are located on the side of the card however each output uses 2 controllers which makes it limited to provide 3 active displays at once.

The 75W cooler used on the card is also taken from some low-end Radeon card but if you see at the right side, You’ll be amazed to see 2 pci-e connectors (8 + 4 pin) which amounts a total of 300W TDP. The VRM area and memory chips are left bare however they wont be affected by the heat dissipated from the cooler. One more thing to be noticed is that the card uses dual crossfire connectors (Actual Radeon HD 6700 dont support it), Looks to be a prototype by AMD as the slots were moved from the original placing to the middle of the GPU. AMD is planning some weird thing, Hopefully they’ll detail if the want to release that thing.