AMD Ryzen Desktop CPUs Hit 30% Share on Steam Versus Intel, 8 Core & 6 Core Chips Gaining Popularity


AMD's Ryzen desktop CPUs have by far been the undisputed champion of the PC DIY segment. From offering insane amounts of performance at an incredible value, more & more gamers are building their PCs with Ryzen CPUs and that can be seen in the latest statistics shared by Steam.

AMD Ryzen Desktop CPUs Gain 30% Share on Steam As More Gamers Move To Faster 8 Core & 6 Core Chips

While AMD's latest x86 CPU market share report shows stagnant performance compared to the previous quarter, on Steam, the company's Ryzen line of desktop chips have been gaining more and more popularity ever since 2019. As of right now, the share for AMD Ryzen Desktop CPU is at 30% which is a massive 5% increase since December of 2020. Intel's share on the other hand has dropped 5 points to 70%.

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This is a huge deal for AMD as it shows that more gamers are buying their chips and not just entry-level models but both, 8 core and 6 core chips are seeing a rise in popularity. The share for 8 core CPUs has risen to 12.77% while the share of 6 core CPUs has risen to 30.50%.

The share is still not on par with the 4 core parts which have a total share of 40.98% but they have been on a steady decline for a while now and we can see 6 core CPUs taking their place in a couple of years.

What's even more interesting is that the share of 12 core CPUs is higher than 10 core CPU parts. Intel is the only chip maker that offered a 10 core part while AMD has been offering Ryzen desktop CPUs in 12 core flavors in both its Ryzen 3000 and Ryzen 5000 families. It is still a relatively small share (0.61% for 10 core & 0.96% for 12 core) but shows that even $500 US+ Ryzen parts are selling quite well in the gaming segment.

Also, it looks like, despite higher prices and limited stock, the AMD Ryzen 3000 and Ryzen 5000 CPU lineup is still the best-selling on both Amazon and Newegg which is very impressive. Intel did gain a bit of share due to AMD's supply issues in early Q1 2021 but those seem to be fading away now as the AMD lineup gets back into action once again.

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