AMD Ryzen Desktop CPU Rumors: Zen 2 ‘Renoir X’ To Tackle Intel Core i3, Zen 3 ‘Vermeer X’ To Tackle Alder Lake, Zen 4 ‘Raphael’ To Tackle Raptor Lake, X670 & B650 Motherboards To Feature PCIe Gen 5 Support

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A series of rumors regarding AMD's Ryzen Desktop CPUs have been posted by leaker, Enthusiast Citizen, who has been very credible with his leaks in the past. The rumored information includes AMD's Renoir X, Vermeer X & Raphael families based on the Zen 2, Zen 3, and Zen 4 architectures.

AMD Rumored To Launch Zen 2 'Renoir X' To Tackle Intel Core i3, Zen 3 'Vermeer X' For AM4 in Q1 2022 & Zen 4 'Raphael' For AM5 In 2H 2022

The information includes things that we have already heard and some new tidbits. The leaker alleges that there are three desktop CPU lineups (not APUs) that will be launching next year & starts off with the Renoir X family which is something we haven't heard of before.

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AMD Renoir X: Zen 2 Ryzen Desktop CPUs

The first product that is planned for launch in Renoir X. The Renoir X Desktop CPUs are said to be based on the 7nm Zen 2 core architecture and will feature the same specifications as the existing Ryzen 4000G APUs but there's one key change and that's the lack of the iGPU. It is said that Renoir X Desktop CPUs will not feature any integrated graphics which means they cannot be referred to as APUs. They will still be monolithic designs like the Ryzen 4000G parts but the most interesting part is the 'X' within the naming scheme.

The AMD Ryzen Desktop CPUs within the Renoir X lineup will be tackling Intel's Core i3 Alder Lake chips which also lack hybrid architecture and only feature up to 4 Golden Cove cores. If that's the case, then we will see 4 Golden Cove cores for Alder Lake going up against 8 Zen 2 cores in the Renoir X series. Branding might be different since these chips may end up as a part of the same Ryzen family that will include the Vermeer X (3D Chiplet) SKUs.

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So while the top SKU in the Renoir X lineup may feature the same 8 cores and 16 threads as the Ryzen 7 4700G, it won't be branded as a Ryzen 7 SKU but will either get toned down to Ryzen 5 or Ryzen 3 owing to its 2 generations old CPU architecture. It is not known when the Renoir X CPUs would launch but it is likely that they will be out around the same time Intel unveils its Alder Lake Core i3 lineup.

AMD Vermeer X: Zen 3 Ryzen Desktop CPUs

The second lineup that is also well known is the AMD Vermeer X Ryzen Desktop CPU family. This family is going to feature the same Zen 3 core architecture with a few process optimizations on 7 nm node but the main difference within this family is going to be the 3D stacked chiplet design. It will be the first CPU family to feature a stacked chiplet technology. It is stated that Vermeer X/S line of chips will be unveiled at CES 2022 followed by a launch in Q1 2022. The CPUs will be compatible with the existing AM4 platform & are expected to deliver up to a 15% gain in gaming performance. More details on the lineup here.

AMD Rapahel : Zen 4 Ryzen Desktop CPUs

Lastly, we have the AMD Raphael Ryzen Desktop CPUs based on the brand new 5nm Zen 4 core architecture. These chips will be the latest and greatest thing by AMD in 2022 and are expected to be introduced in the 2nd half of 2022. New details include the likes of X670 and B650 platforms that are stated to offer support for both PCIe Gen 5 and DDR5 support. DDR4 will not be featured on any platform due to incompatibility with the CPUs. More details on the next-gen AMD Ryzen Zen 4 lineup can be found here.

AMD Mainstream Desktop CPU Generations Comparison:

AMD CPU FamilyCodenameProcessor ProcessProcessors Cores/Threads (Max)TDPsPlatformPlatform ChipsetMemory SupportPCIe SupportLaunch
Ryzen 1000Summit Ridge14nm (Zen 1)8/1695WAM4300-SeriesDDR4-2677Gen 3.02017
Ryzen 2000Pinnacle Ridge12nm (Zen +)8/16105WAM4400-SeriesDDR4-2933Gen 3.02018
Ryzen 3000Matisse7nm (Zen 2)16/32105WAM4500-SeriesDDR4-3200Gen 4.02019
Ryzen 5000Vermeer7nm (Zen 3)16/32105WAM4500-SeriesDDR4-3200Gen 4.02020
Ryzen 6000Warhol?7nm (Zen 3D)8/16105WAM4500-SeriesDDR4-3200Gen 4.02022
Ryzen 7000Raphael5nm (Zen 4)16/32?105-170WAM5600-SeriesDDR5-4800Gen 5.02022
Ryzen 8000Granite Ridge3nm (Zen 5)?TBATBAAM5700-Series?DDR5-5000?Gen 5.02023

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