AMD to Release Bulldozer (Server Chips) on September 26th, Consumer CPU’s to arrive in late Q3 2011

Submit has got some exclusive details on AMD's upcoming Bulldozer based Processors. According to them, AMD would be releasing its server based Bulldozer lineup on September 26th while the consumer chips consisting of Zambezi-FX cores would also arrive around September - October (Q3 2011) as we detailed here.

The server chips would include AMD's Opteron 4200 series codenamed Valencia which features 6 - 8 Core processors and the high end Opteron 6200 codenamed Interlagos which would feature 10 - 12 Core chips. These CPU's are aimed towards server oriented usage, Each CPU is made up of 32nm architecture.

While Valencia would be used with single-socket and dual-socket designed motherboards foe cost efficient servers, Interlagos would be aimed towards high performance enterprise servers with Dual - Quad Socket support.

However, These chips would be replaced by their successors in 2012. The Sepang Core in 2012 would replace Opteron 4200, It would consist of upto 10 Bulldozer Cores while Interlagos would be replaced by Terramar which is rumored to include 20 Bulldozer Cores.

The consumer chips will also be released in September-October, The chips being based on 32nm SOI Zambezi-FX Core would come in 8 - 6 and Quad Core models. These will include the FX-8150, FX-8100, FX-6100 and FX-4100 processors. Details below in the chart:

Theses CPU's would be followed by a second lineup consisting of 8-6-4 Core models and also an OEM only Three Core model.

AMD also plans to update its Llano APU lineup with new Dual/Quad Core chips in Q4 2011. You can check out details here.

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