AMD Radeon PRO W6400 Official: An Entry-Level Design Powered by 6nm Navi 24 GPU, 4 GB Memory & A 50W TDP


AMD is launching two entry-level graphics cards based on its 6nm Navi 24 GPU and the Radeon PRO W6400 is one of them.

AMD Launches Entry-Level Radeon PRO W6400 With 6nm Navi 24 GPU, 4 GB Memory & 50W TDP, All For $229 US

Teased just a few days ago, the announcement of the Radeon PRO W6400 comes as no surprise as each Navi GPU has seen a PRO variant sooner or later. This time, both the consumer gaming & Pro variants are launching on the same day. But the Radeon PRO W6400 doesn't match the RX 6500 XT in terms of specifications, instead, it carries the same specs as the more cut-down RX 6400 graphics card (OEM-only).

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This GPU has been carefully crafted for all-around performance, while staying oh-so-affordable. These two elements combined make it ideal for mainstream software demands.

Our clever engineers made sure this PRO GPU has all the features you need, and none of the features you probably won’t. Although, with workflows always changing and software becoming more graphics intensive we made certain it can keep up with the demands of today, but also made sure you aren’t paying for features you’re unlikely to use tomorrow.

This GPU is engineered to be super-affordable, while never cutting corners.

via AMD

So talking about specifications, the AMD Radeon PRO W6400 carries a total of 768 cores within 12 RDNA 2 Compute Units, it features 4 GB of GDDR6 memory that's clocked at 14 Gbps to deliver up to 112 GB/s bandwidth and also packs 16 MB of Infinity Cache. The card does end up with a 64-bit bus interface and only operates through 4 PCIe lanes. Though the card is optimized for Gen 4 GPU platforms, a Gen 3 GPU platform will result in severe performance degradation due to limited no. of bandwidth. It's the same case with the gaming Navi 24 GPU SKUs.

The Radeon PRO W6400 is said to offer around 3.5 TFLOPs of FP32 and 7.0 TFLOPs of FP16 power at a TDP of just 50W. This means that the card won't require any additional power connectors and will operate through its PCIe interface. It will come in an HFHL form factor with a single-slot design, a small heatsink shroud with a singular fan, and two display outputs.

The card will support all modern-day AMD technologies such as FSR, Radeon Media Engine, Eyefinity Technology, Viewport Boost, Radeon Pro Software, Radeon ProRender, Remote Workstation, and VR Ready Creator. The GPU also supports 4K H264 Decode and H265/HEVC Decode.

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As for performance, AMD is touting up to 4x performance increase over the last-gen Radeon PRO WX3200 graphics card. The graphics card comes with a price of $229 US, making it the performance and efficiency king of the entry-level Pro segment. Aside from the desktop launch, AMD has also introduced two entry-level Radeon Pro Mobility offerings, the W6500M & the W6300M.

AMD Radeon PRO W6000 Series Graphics Cards

Graphics CardGPUProcess NodeCompute Units / CoresCompute Rate (FP32)Compute Rate (FP16)VRAMMemory BusMemory BandwidthTDPPrice
Radeon Pro W6800X DuoNavi 21TSMC 7nm60 / 768030.2 0TFLOPs60.40 TFLOPs64 GB GDDR6256-bit x21 TB/s400WTBA
Radeon Pro W6900XNavi 21TSMC 7nm80 / 512022.20 TFLOPs44.40 TFLOPs32 GB GDDR6256-bit512 GB/s300WTBA
Radeon Pro W6800XNavi 21TSMC 7nm60 / 384016.00 TFLOPs32.00 TFLOPs32 GB GDDR6256-bit512 GB/s300WTBA
Radeon Pro W6800Navi 21TSMC 7nm60 / 384017.83 TFLOPs35.66 TFLOPs32 GB GDDR6256-bit512 GB/s250W$2249 US
Radeon Pro W6600Navi 23TSMC 7nm28 / 179210.40 TFLOPs20.8 TFLOPs8 GB GDDR6128-bit224 GB/s100W$649 US
Radeon Pro W6600MNavi 23TSMC 7nm28 / 179210.40 TFLOPs20.8 TFLOPs8 GB GDDR6128-bit224 GB/s90WTBA
Radeon Pro W6500MNavi 24TSMC 6nm16/ 10245.30 TFLOPs10.6 TFLOPs4 GB GDDR664-bit128 GB/s50WTBA
Radeon Pro W6400Navi 24TSMC 6nm12 / 7683.50 TFLOPs7.00 TFLOPs4 GB GDDR664-bit128 GB/s50W$229 US
Radeon Pro W6300MNavi 24TSMC 6nm12 / 7683.37 TFLOPs6.74 TFLOPs2 GB GDDR632-bit64 GB/s25WTBA