AMD Radeon HD 8790M ‘Mars’ Gets Previewed


AMD recently unveiled its Radeon HD 8000M 'Solar System' series graphic processing chips which brings AMD's highly acclaimed GCN (Graphics Core Next) architecture to mobile market.

AMD Radeon HD 8790M 'MARS' Previewed

TechReport and TomsHardware managed to get a sample of the latest HD 8000M chip, Radeon HD 8790M which is based on the 28nm 'Mars' architecture for previewing. The Radeon HD 8790M is the fastest chip of Radeon HD 8700M series featuring 384 Shaders clocked at 900 MHz and a 2 GB GDDR5 memory clocked at 1000MHz running across a 128-bit interface. 

Radeon HD 8790M

According to AMD, the Radeon HD 8790M is the true successor to the Radeon HD 7690M which was based on the 40nm VLIW4 architecture. Even with a higher stream processor count of 480 ALUs, the Radeon HD 7690M couldn't out perform its successor, the Radeon HD 8790M. This shows a significant increase in performance by AMD with their latest GCN architecture and consuming around 1-2W more power. This shows that the Radeon HD 8790M could be fused in the systems that currently feature the HD 7670M level chips such as our recently reviewed HP ENVY 4 Ultrabook while providing better performance.

As for the testing goes, both sites tested the GPU on an MXM to PCI-ex x16 adapter which was plugged in an PCI-e x16 slot on the motherboard. You can check out a few gaming performance comparison in the charts below but for the full preview, visit the TechReport Preview here and TomsHardware Preview here.

One thing we noted during the TomsHardware preview was that while HD 7690M's OpenCL performance was quite lower than the Intel Core i5-2500K, the Radeon HD 8790M completely blew them showing that users who rely on OpenCL applications for work would be delighted with the addition of GCN equipped HD 8000M series in their systems.


The Radeon HD 8790M along with the HD 8000M debuts at CES 2013 with availability around Q2 2013, Faster variants based on the 28nm Mars architecture which include the flagship HD 8900M GPUs also arrive in late Q2 2013. Desktop Radeon HD 8000 'Sea Islands' series is expected to arrive in Q2 2013 too, Specifications can be found here.