AMD Radeon HD 7990 Gets A Massive Price Cut – Now Available At $699

Hassan Mujtaba

AMD announced their Radeon HD 7990 flagship dual-chip based graphics card a few months back featuring Tahiti cores and a $1000 US target to compete against the GeForce GTX 690. AMD being on the verge to unleash a new generation of graphic cards have given their flagship GPU a massive price cut bringing its price down to $699 US.

Radeon HD 7990

AMD Radeon HD 7990 Now Available For $699 US

This is absolute great news since not only does it gives consumers more performance for lesser money but at the same time, the new cost of the Radeon HD 7990 brings it close to the $649 GeForce GTX 780 which boasts the GK -110 core. In addition to this, AMD just recently fixed the frame pacing and stuttering issues for their CrossFireX and dual-GPU solutions with the Catalyst 13.8 drivers which has drastically reduced stutter on the Radeon HD 7990 as seen from the reviews posted by tech sites a few days back.

While neither of AMD's AIC partners are aiming for the specific retail price, the card is available at $729.99 from XFX and $749.99 from Gigabyte which is a $100 US more than the GeForce GTX 780 while alot lesser than the GTX 690 and GTX Titan which are still retailing at their originally set prices of $1000 US. Not only the price but AMD also offers another great value with the card in the form of their Never Settle bundle offering eight AAA titles with the Radeon HD 7990 and soon to be updated with the latest Never Settle Forever bundle which would bring even more games increasing the value of AMD's Radeon HD 7000 series.

The Radeon HD 7990, features dual Tahiti XT (HD 7970) cores featuring a total of 8.6 Billion transistors, 4096 Stream processors, 2 Prim /Clock , 256 Texture mapping units and 64 Raster operating units. The Tahiti XT core is clocked at 1000 MHz or 1 GHz. The card features an impressive 6GB GDDR5 memory that operates along a 384-bit x 2 memory interface and is clocked at 6.0 GB/s effective frequency. The memory pump outs an impressive 576.0 GB/s bandwidth. The Radeon 7990 has a peak compute performance of 8.2 TFlops.

AMD’s Radeon HD 7990 is assembled using a dual-slot cooling solution which features triple fans etched on the shroud. These 92mm fans are part of the turbine cooling design which provides enhanced cooling performance to the internal vapor chamber heatsinks equipped on each core and fused together using copper heatpipes. Power is supplied through Dual 8-Pin connectors, a massive improvement over the Triple 8-Pin connectors over the custom boards from AIB partners which would pit the rated TDP around 375W.

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