AMD Radeon R9 3xx Benchmarks Leak Out – Purported to be the R9 370 ‘Trinidad’ GPU


The leak scene has been pretty active this past month and while the first half was dominated by Green hype, the stage is now tilting towards the Red Spectrum. Nvidia might still reveal something that we aren't expecting but most of the things in their launch have been covered. In the meantime, the AMD's ' Trinidad' GPU surfaced, a 28nm successor of the Curraco PRO.  Coincidentally, I found the benchmarks of a mysterious GPU whose name had been scrubbed in  a popular benchmark database. An "R9 xxx GPU".AMD Trinidad GPU

Benchmark Results of AMD R9 xxx Mystery GPU Crop Up - Probably the upcoming 28nm Trinidad

Now since the name spells "AMD R9 xxx" we can easily deduce this is not an 'X-Suffix' GPU. Add that to the fact that the results are not as powerful as what we expect from an R9 380 or 390 we are left with only the Radeon R9 360 and Radeon R9 370 GPU. The fact that we recently had a leak about the Trinidad GPU  makes me tilt towards the R9 370 however, it could very easily be a 360 part too. I found the results of this mystery device in the database of GFXBench.com.

One of the primarily problem with this particular benchmark is that it is not really meant to test high end graphic cards and is basically a heavily OpenGL optimized test. This results in erratic scoring across certain areas; but since we are kind of stuck with  it seeing this is one of the only few un-spoofable databases, we'll have to live with it. There are two primary tests mentioned here, Manhattan which is an OpenGL ES 3.0 test and T-Rex an OpenGL ES 2.0 test. As you can see we have some interesting polarity here. In the OpenGL ES 3.0 test the mysterious GPU absolutely smokes the R9 270 however, in the OpenGL ES 2.0 test it is slightly behind.

The actual performance of the GPU should lie somewhere between these two extremes. While I certainly don't expect an R9 270 successor to beat it by this huge a margin, I also don't expect it to actually fare worse. Another test shows the ALU results which shows a performance increase of 36% - a realistic figure. I wasn't able to learn much about this particular GPU because of the limited information but if its undergoing prototype testing that it should be launching within 6 months. I wouldn't be surprised if this showed up sooner or later at a technology conference or tech reveal (GTC 2015 anyone?).