AMD Mayan Morgana Reference Motherboard For Morgana SOC Appears Within Coreboot Firmware Update

Jason R. Wilson
Image source: Coreboot via J. Wilson, Wccftech.

The open-source Coreboot firmware has recently been updated to add support for the reference AMD Mayan Morgana motherboard platform.

AMD's Coreboot was updated over the weekend with support for Mayan Morgana reference motherboard platform

During the weekend, the open-source Coreboot firmware was updated with a revised name for one of the new AMD System-on-Chips with the moniker of "Morgana". It is now confirmed that "Mayan Morgana" is the reference motherboard for the Morgana SoC, reports Phoronix. The commit that was uploaded yesterday explains the reference within the updated Coreboot:

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mb/amd/mayan: Add framework for morgana crb mayan

mayan is the reference board for the morgana SoC. It needs to be
updated to match the actual board design as well. amd/mayan is started
as a copy of amd/birman.

— Coreboot

What is "AMD Birman?" "Birman" was the initial name given to the reference board for the Morgana SoC. Still, the developers felt that the change to Mayan Morgana would better explain the reference board for developers.

Throughout the configuration files, including the Kconfig setup, Larabel concluded that the new SoC would focus on the Chrome operating system and Chromebook-specific utilization. It is also explained that AMD has made it apparent that their focus has recently targeted this sector of products and systems.

Before the weekend's update to Coreboot, patches have dropped over the last several weeks. These have signaled to users that AMD is planning to refresh Zen 2 architecture within these new designs, offering a low-cost option for consumers. Chromebooks are marketed to cost-friendly consumers looking for a primary alternative to a feature-rich system. This is true for schools that look to save costs on systems for students and compete with the Microsoft Surface product line.

Ten years ago, AMD initially wanted to offer Coreboot to all processors but recently fell short with the Zen 4 architecture.

OpenBMC is a Linux distribution created for baseboard management controllers endorsed by the Linux Foundation. It originated from Facebook (Meta) and is supported by Intel, IBM, Google, and several other companies for hyperscaling servers. Besides firmware upgrades, Larabel notes that Sound Open Firmware provides support for Raptor Lake, the predecessor Alder Lake-N series, and the Ice Lake series, and also provides support for OpenBMC.

News Sources: Phoronix, Coreboot GitHub

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