AMD Llano “A8-3850” Performance Detailed, Clocked at 2.9Ghz

Hassan Mujtaba

AMD released a performance chart a while ago which showed the gaming performance of its upcoming A-Series APU's (Accelerated Processing Units). The performance of the CPU's included A8-3850, A6-3650, and A8-3450 against Intel's Sandy Bridge Core i3-2100, Core i5-2300, Core i5-2300K. The gaming performance shows that the APU's are twice as fast as the competitors from Intel which is due to the Intgrated Graphics Processor being a Radeon HD 6*** series chip which offers better performance over the Intel's Embedded HD3000 Graphics solutions.

According to leaked reports, The A8-3850 APU features a core clock of 2.9Ghz against the i5's 2.8Ghz (Turbo - 3.1Ghz). AMD also plans to release a 3Ghz Llano chip later in 2012 alongwith the release of the fastest Mobile Llano chip "A8-3530MX" which we detailed here. Other  chips used in the Comparison chart have also been detailed which include the following:

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