AMD Introduces Radeon FreeSync 2 HDR Oasis Demo, An Upgrade Over The Windmill Demo

Remember the FreeSync Windmill Demo? Yeah, it's now long since retired but was a good way to showcase the benefits of FreeSync technology but is dated and nearly impossible to find if you didn't save it or can find someone who archived it.  Today AMD Radeon showcased their new FreeSync 2 HDR Oasis Demo, not to be confused with a benchmark tool.

The demo is designed to showcase the benefits of FreeSync like the Windmill demo did, but this time with a large array of control features and supporting HDR which is one of the key features of FreeSync 2.  The older demo only gave you a few controls over the image on screen which was basic at best, this time you're in full control.  You get the ability to move forward and reverse along the timeline, control the panning speed, along with resolution, textures, view distance, and many more to really throw your system for a loop.  Just like before it has FPS control and autosweep to really see the variable refresh rate in action.

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If you are looking to download the demo prepare to hold on a bit.  The video mentions a lot regarding the demo but there are no links to the demo itself in the description.  You are however treated to a link on AMD's website, full of information regarding FreeSync 2 and its benefits.  This push for really exploring their benefits with FreeSync 2 makes  a lot of sense with the recent Adaptive Sync support coming from the competition now that GeForce is allowing it and by the end of 2020 we'll see Intel doing the same with their dedicated graphics cards.  For those curious FreeSync 2 has all of the same benefits of traditional FreeSync but boasts additional features like guaranteed support for Low Frame Rate Compensation, guaranteed support for HDR content, and a low latency requirement. We'll update this article with a link to the FreeSync 2 HDR Oasis Demo when it becomes available.

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