AMD Godavari APU (Kaveri Refresh) Coming in June 2015 – Carrizo Desktop APU Might Arrive by 1H 2016

I recently had the chance to talk to a guy high up in the AMD supply chain and these few exclusive pieces are the fruit of that discussion. This is part two of four. While the roadmap and information stated at the time of revelation is correct, keep in mind AMD's past history of completely revamping roadmaps at apparent mere whim. The first part of this series concerning Nolan APU has already been published, this iteration deals with the mainstream APU side of AMD.

AMD Carrizo APU SlideA slide from AMD's Carrizo slide deck. @AMD Public Domain

Carrizo Desktop was shelved, Godavari arriving by June 2015

So the first new piece of information we got was the fact that AMD actually had a desktop Carrizo planned, something that was later canceled due to management's decision. It was originally designed to be put onto the FM2+ socket and FP4 packaged and relieve the Kaveri, being a true successor to the older APU. However, to cut costs and following the profit motive (something rather understandable) they decided to reiterate Kaveri with a refresh named Godavri. As leaks have already revealed before, Godavri will be basically jut be a refresh and tou quote our source "Godavari change will be even less exciting or groundbreaking than Trinity (to) Richland was".

He also mentioned that Godavari was supposed to be released around the 1 year mark following Kaveri but due to something that is practically commonplace by now in the Silicon Industry, had to go with a staggered schedule.He stated that AMD is now planning to release Godavari Refresh APU sometime in June. He mentioned that this is roughly the same time Carrizo Mobile counterparts will be released.Interestingly he also mentioned that Carrizo still might end up on the desktop segment and AMD is currently debating this very question. If they do decide to go forward with a Carrizo Desktop, it won't arrive till H1 2016.

So basically, 2015 and 2016 will still be host to the 28nm process, even though I am pretty sure all of us have started to hate it by now. We will however, get some very exciting surprises near the end of this drought season, with Skylake. And this is the silver lining to all this. AMD is focusing on producing high performance cores, something we all know as Zen and this is finally where things will start to get truly exciting. We will be covering Zen Micro-architecture in a separate piece soon, so stay tuned.

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