AMD FX-8150 Engineering Sample Detailed, Features Turbo Boost upto 4.2Ghz

Hassan Mujtaba

OBR has detailed a new Bulldozer Engineering Sample on his blog. The new CPU sample includes the FX-8150 which will be a high end Zambezi-FX  32Nm based chip featuring 8 Cores and 8 Threads.

The sample comes at a stock speed of 3.6Ghz with Turbo Core frequency of 4.2Ghz (1.390V). A total of 8Mb L3 Cache is included, Features TDP of 125W (126W as reported in CPU-z). The FX-8150 is rumored to fall under 350-400$ Price Tag (Details here).

Most of this has already been detailed on our and various other sites. OBR has also said that he'll be posting a detailed review of the CPU which will include 20+ Gaming Tests along with clock-to-clock benchmarks against 3.3 GHz (+ Turbo) Phenom II X6 and AMD FX 8150 at 3.3 (3.6 GHz) + Turbo at this weekend.

Hopefully, These won't be faked like his last review posted at Donanimhaber of the FX-8130P. So ready yourselves for some bulldozer epicness this week from OBR. 😀

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