AMD Details Llano “A8-3530MX”, Fastest Mobile Quad Core Processor


AMD Bulldozer and Llano Fusion are the two major platforms which AMD is going to announce on this years Computex event in Taiwan. While the Bulldozer based Zambezi-FX Processors will aim towards the Desktop users, Sabine based Llano Fusion APU's (Accelerated Processing Units) will make their way towards the notebook segment.

AMD today detailed its upcoming Mobile Fusion chip which will be the company's fastest AMD Llano CPU ever. Codenamed "A8-3530MX", The chip is based on Quad Core Architecture and uses a K10.5 32Nm design. The processor will be released by Q3 2011. It will feature a core clock of 1.9Ghz which can turbo all the way up to 2.6Ghz, Includes 4Mb of L2 Cahe and comes with Radeon HD 6620G chipset integrated within the processor die.

The Radeon HD 6620G features 400x Stream processors on which the core clock is maintained at 444mhz, Includes support for DirectX 11 and UDV 3.0 technologies. We have already seen demonstration videos here and here which show graphics and multi tasking performance of the Llano based chips.

The CPU allows for Dual channel memory configuration with supported speeds upto 1333mhz and 1600mhz of standard memories. The fusion A series uses a different architecture than the other similar processors packages available such as FS1, A60M and A70M and allows for 4x USB 3.0 support.

It has been updated by AMD that "A8-3530MX" will remain the fastest mobile fusion chip until 2012 when a new one arrives. Following are the key details of the chip:

- Fusion A-series integrated graphics processors contain a 128-bit wide memory interface.
- Fusion A-series processors include have dual-GPU support.
* Fusion A8-3530MX uses Radeon HD 6620G integrated graphics unit, code-named Whistler AMD Radeon HD 6600 series and above can be used with external GPUs. This was already explained earlier here.
- All Fusion based Llano chips come with a Blu-ray 3D support.

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