AMD demos “Llano” chips to select consumers

AMD's upcoming processor codenamed "Llano" which is a CPU+GPU fusion has been announced by AMD and the specifications of the processor look very promising, Let's see how Intel responds to this.


"We plan to commence volume production in the back half of this year. We do now have internal samples of both of our initial Fusion designs, we are learning quite a lot, and are quite happy with what we see, and we started sampling to select customers, one of those two designs," said Dirk Meyer, chief executive officer and president of AMD, during the quarterly conference call.

2 new CPU architectures are being revealed the "Llano" and the "Ontario" the latter plans to be used in mobile devices and has an even more exclusive line of beta testers, there are no specific details on the Ontario yet but it won't be your standard desktop processor that's for sure.

"[Bobcat] is the brand new x86 micro-architecture, which first appears in the Ontario product which we talked about in the analyst conference. The Ontario product is really focused on, I’ll call it value PCs and netbooks, but the Bobcat technology and other technologies that we have in house are appropriate for lower power envelopes [and products like] pads. You’ll see Bobcat-based products show up the following year [in] these market segments," said Mr. Meyer.

AMD is giving Intel a run for its money indeed the features of the Llano fusion processor are:

  • Llano APU.
  • Quad Core processor.
  • Direct X 11 GPU inside the processor.
  • DDR3 memory support.
  • 32nm Architecture.
  • First samples to be available between Q1 and Q2 2010 and will be available to OEMs by 2011.

AMD has taken quite the initiative in releasing its fusion processor, there are still no signs of Intel "Larabee" processors which is Intels version of fusion processors. Let's see if Intel releases any statement about their Larabee soon.


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