New AMD Demonstration Video Leaked, Llano’s Multitasking Capabilities Shown

Hassan Mujtaba

Another AMD's Leaked Demonstration Video has been surfaced on Youtube which shows the Multitasking capabilities of the upcoming APU Quad Core chip. The chip is similar to the one leaked in the previous video which you can check out here. The Chip is codenamed A8-3510MX and features AMD's HD 6620M Graphics.

The previous video showed that the Llano's Compute Capacity Performance was better than Intel's i7 2600K CPU which is the fastest offering of its Sandy Bridge Series. However, The reason for the Higher performance was due to Llano's GPU and CPU running at the same time in the GPU/CPU benchmarks which gave it a slight edge on the Intel CPU and holding a much powerful graphics core than the HD 3000 chip can also lead to higher performance output.

The new video shows the multitasking capability in which 4 Applications are ran at once on Windows 7 OS. The Apps include Starcraft 2, HD Video Playback, HTML 5 benchmark and a Facial Recognition App. All seem to be working smooth. Starcraft 2, Although the settings its running are unknown but do keep in mind that it supports DX11 and if that's what the Llano is running it on then its pretty amazing. New laptops based on the Llano would not only consume lower power but also provide you better multi tasking and gaming performance. You can check out the demonstration video below:

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