AMD CEO, Dr. Lisa Su, To Visit TSMC Next Month To Discuss Future 2nm, 3nm Chip Projects

Sep 23, 2022 05:21 AM EDT
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AMD''s CEO Dr. Lisa Su and various C-level executives from the company will be visiting TSMC by next month for talks about collaborating with some of their local partner businesses. AMD intends to cooperate with the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) and prominent chip manufacturers and packing specialists.

AMD's CEO to meet TSMC & Taiwan partners to discuss N2 & N3P chip fabrication and supplies and multi-chiplet packing technology

Dr. Su will travel to TSMC's headquarters to talk with TSMC chief executive CC Wei about utilizing the N3 Plus (N3P) fab node and 2nm-class (N2 manufacturing) technology that TSMC is known for in the field. Along with discussing TSMC's new tech utilization, AMD hopes to discuss future orders for both the short and long term.

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Dr. Su and other members of AMD continue to keep within good standing with TSMC as the chip manufacturer produces chips for AMD in high quantities, allowing the company to remain very competitive in the marketplace. It would be beneficial for Dr. Su and the company to access early designs from TSMC through PDKs or process design kits. The first N2 nodes should begin production in another several years — 2025, to be exact — which means that discussing before the technology is available will allow AMD to access the utilization after the show begins and into the future.

Another technology AMD and several other companies are researching and gathering technological components for the future is multi-chiplet chip packaging, which is expected to play a large part in the next several years.

AMD will meet with TSMC, Ase Technology, and SPIL on future collaboration between the companies. Currently, AMD utilizes TSMC's 3D system-on-integrated chips (SoIC) medium, chip-on-wafer-on-the-substrate (CoWoS) packaging technology, and fan-out embedded bridge (FO-EB) packaging method from Ase.

In the short term for AMD, the company's executives will discuss topics such as supplies of sophisticated PCBs utilized for the company's processors and ABF provisions for these PCBs with members from Unimicron Technology, Nan Ya PCB, and Kinsus Interconnect Technology. And AMD will meet with executives from ASUS, ASMedia, and Acer during their Taiwan trip.

AMD CPU Core Roadmap

AMD confirmed that its next-generation Zen lineup will feature 5nm, 4nm, and 3nm CPUs through 2022-2024. Starting right off the bat with Zen 4 which will be launching later this year on the 5nm process node, AMD will also offer Zen 4 3D V-Cache chips in 2023 on the same 5nm process node, and then Zen 4C which will utilize an optimized 4nm node, also in 2023.

AMD's Zen 4 will be followed by Zen 5 in 2024 which will also come in 3D V-Cache flavors and will utilize a 4nm process node while the Compute-Optimized, Zen 5C, will leverage the more advanced 3nm process node. Following is the full list of Zen CPU cores confirmed by the red team:

AMD Zen CPU / APU Roadmap:

Zen ArchitectureZen 1Zen+Zen 2Zen 3Zen 3+Zen 4Zen 5Zen 6
Process Node14nm12nm7nm7nm6nm?5nm/4nm4nm/3nmTBA
ServerEPYC Naples (1st Gen)N/AEPYC Rome (2nd Gen)EPYC Milan (3rd Gen)N/AEPYC Genoa (4th Gen)
EPYC Genoa-X (4th Gen)
EPYC Siena (4th Gen)
EPYC Bergamo (5th Gen?)
EPYC Turin (6th Gen)EPYC Venice (7th Gen)
High-End DesktopRyzen Threadripper 1000 (White Haven)Ryzen Threadripper 2000 (Coflax)Ryzen Threadripper 3000 (Castle Peak)Ryzen Threadripper 5000 (Chagal)N/ARyzen Threadripper 7000 (Storm Peak)TBATBA
Mainstream Desktop CPUsRyzen 1000 (Summit Ridge)Ryzen 2000 (Pinnacle Ridge)Ryzen 3000 (Matisse)Ryzen 5000 (Vermeer)Ryzen 6000 (Warhol / Cancelled)Ryzen 7000 (Raphael)Ryzen 8000 (Granite Ridge)TBA
Mainstream Desktop . Notebook APURyzen 2000 (Raven Ridge)Ryzen 3000 (Picasso)Ryzen 4000 (Renoir)
Ryzen 5000 (Lucienne)
Ryzen 5000 (Cezanne)
Ryzen 6000 (Barcelo)
Ryzen 6000 (Rembrandt)Ryzen 7000 (Phoenix)Ryzen 8000 (Strix Point)TBA
Low-Power MobileN/AN/ARyzen 5000 (Van Gogh)
Ryzen 6000 (Dragon Crest)

Source: Tom's Hardware; DigiTimes

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