AMD Announces Civilization: Beyond Earth Game Bundle With R9 290 Series


AMD has announced that it will bundling Civllization Beyond Earth with R9 290 series graphics cards. In addition to the established Never Settle Gold game bundle which allows you to choose three games from a collection of 25 titles. You will also now get Civillization Beyond Earth with every R9 290, 290X or 295X2 purchase for a total of four games.

AMD Civilization Beyond Earth bundle
This announcement coincided with the launch of AMD's new R9 290X 8GB flagship which we talked about yesterday. AMD has worked extensively with Firaxis the makers of Civilization throughout the development of the game. Civilization Beyond Earth has integrated support of AMD's Mantle API. Which promises "deep PC optimization" for better performance and higher efficiency.

AMD Throws ts Holiday Bundle Hat in the Ring

It's not just AMD that has recently announced a game bundle for the holidays. Nvidia has its own "pick your path" game bundle as well. Which gives users the opportunity to pick one of three Ubisoft titles with a purchase of a GTX 900 series card. Far Cry 4, Assassin's Creed Unity and The Crew.

AMD's Never Settle Game bundle therefore might seem overwhelming but in a good way. You get to pick three game titles of a total of 25 games that range from spanking new Triple A titles to older best sellers and even indies.
AMD Never Settle Gold
The bundle includes recent titles such as Alien : Isolation, Star Citizen & Murdered : Soul Suspect. As well as older but still fun titles such as Tomb Raider and Saints Row III.
The Never Settle Gold tier is available with the purchase of any AMD R9 series card. Including the R9 295X2, 290X, 290, 280X, 285, 280, 270X and 270.

However unlike Never Settle Gold, Civilization Beyond Earth is limited only to the R9 290 series and isn't available with the entire R9 lineup.
AMD also has a Silver tier which includes all the games from Gold except Alien Isolation. This tier is available with purchase of the R7 265, 260X and 260.

AMD Never Settle BronzeLastly there's the Bronze tier which you can see above. And it's included with the R7 250X, 250 and 240.

One thing's for sure whether you buy an AMD or an Nvidia card, you'll definitely get a game or more to play for free this holiday season. For more details you can check out AMD's Civilization Beyond Earth game bundle page as well as the Never Settle site.