AMD A10-7850K Performance Previewed – 10% Faster in Gaming Compared to A10-6800K

The first performance review of the AMD A10-7850K Kaveri APU has been published by PugetSystems. The review pits the flagship Kaveri APU A10-7850K against the A10-6800K and Core i5-4430 which is Intel's similar priced mid-range solution.AMD A10-7850K

AMD Kaveri Flagship APU A10-7850K Performance Previewed

The A10-7850K sample received by PugetSystems is the final retail version and comes with a price tag of $172.99 US. On with the specifications, the A10-7850K as expected would remain the flagship Kaveri APU of 2014 boasting 4 Steamroller cores, 4 MB L2 Cache and clock speeds of 3.7 GHz base and 4.0 GHz turbo. On the graphics side, the APU would feature 8 Compute Units resulting in 512 stream processors clocked at 654 MHz base and 720 MHz in boost. The APU is fully unlocked allowing users to overclock the chip past the limits and supports DDR3-2133 MHz and comes in a 95W TDP package.

AMD officially announced their 2014 A-Series lineup yesterday. For the lineup, AMD would launch only two APUs to kickoff 2014 which include the A10-7850K and A10-7700K while the A8-7600 would launch later in Q1 2014.

AMD 2014 A-Series APU Lineup:

Model AMD A10-7850K AMD A10-7700K AMD A10-7800 AMD A8-7600 AMD A6-7400K AMD A4-7300
Cores 4/4 4/4 4/4 4/4 2/2 2/2
Unlocked Design Yes Yes No No Yes Yes
Base Clock 3.7 GHz 3.4 GHz 3.5 GHz 3.1 GHz TBA 3.4 GHz
Turbo Clock 4.0 GHz 3.8 GHz 3.9 GHz 3.8 GHz TBA 3.8 GHz
HSA Support Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
L2 Cache 4 MB 4 MB 4 MB 4 MB 1 MB 1 MB
Graphics Core Radeon R7 Radeon R7 Radeon R7 Radeon R7 Radeon R5 Radeon R5
Compute Units 8 6 8 6 4 3
GPU Cores 512 384 512 384 256 192
GPU Clock 720 MHz 720 MHz 720 MHz 720 MHz TBA 514 MHz
TDP 95W 95W 65W 65W 65W 65W
Price  $173 US $152 US $172 US $119 US TBA TBA

For performance, the source pitted the chip against the A10-6800K and Core i5-4430 in gaming and general processor benchmarks. The A10-7850K was tested with several memory configurations with the faster clock memory bringing higher performance in gaming benchmarks and the A10-7850K taking a definite lead against the Richland and Haswell processors in gaming performance due to its much enhanced GCN architecture on board the die.

The CPU side had mixed results with the A10-7850K leading past the Richland in PCMark 8 but falling behind the A10-6800K in both GeekBench and CineBench R15 CPU rendering benchmark. The Core i3-4430 was on top of both APUs in terms of CPU performance. It is quite odd to see Steamroller cores falling behind Piledriver cores in Cinebench R15 since AMD slides clearly show a 20% IPC lead of Steamroller over Piledriver. Nevertheless, the APU as a whole is a complete package which aims to deliver great gaming and general performance for a price of $173 US.AMD Kaveri APU

In terms of CPU performance, the A10-7850K is overall an improvement over the A10-6800K. Especially in PCMark 08, the A10-7850K was about 10% faster than the A10-6800K. Our GeekBench benchmark indicated lower single-core performance, but as more and more programs use multi-core technology, that is really not even much of an issue.

The A10-7850K is the fastest A-series APU currently available, yet the CPU performance is much lower than even the Intel Core i5-4440 which is only a mid-range Intel CPU. via PugetSystems


AMD's Kaveri APU would launch next week on 14th January and would bring the power of Steamroller, GCN and HUMA in the hands of users on a single chip. Expect more performance previews in the days ahead.

AMD A10-7850K Performance Charts (Courtesy of PugetSystems):A10-7850K_Gaming Performance A10-7850K_Gaming Memory A10-7850K_PCMark 8 A10-7850K_PCMark 8 Memory A10-7850K_GeekBench A10-7850K_GeekBench 3 A10-7850K_Cinebench R15 A10-7850K_CineBench R15 Memory

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