AMD 7970 Images Surface Online


Amid the launch is drawing nearer, more details and news is surfacing over the Radeon HD 700 series graphics cards by AMD and this time it’s the photos of the 7970 itself upclose!

These are the first pictures of the Radeon HD7970 to surface on the internet in detail. The final production PCB on the 7970 will be in an all black color hence this is proven to be an engineering sample. The photo depicts two 6 pin connectors as compared to earlier rumored 8 pin connectors on the card’s PCB.

The 7970 utilizes a digital-PWN design that has single-phase PWM chokes, and regulators made by Volterra. There are also 5+1+1 Phase VRM’s along with analog power domains.

This package is completely different from those that we have seen in the past by AMD. The die has been placed diagonally having a very study brace like structure around it to lessen and distribute the pressure implemented onto it by the cooler. Twelve memory chips surround the GPU that are spread across a 384-bit wide memory interface that delivers nearly 50% higher memory bandwidth over the previous generation.

The 7970 comes with two separate EEPROM’s that can be switched from one to the other with the small 2-way on board switch much like the previous 6970. In terms on aesthetics, the edge is now a curvy yet rectangular end.