AMD 28nm Processors Possibly Delayed to 2014 – Kaveri and Steamroller Last Saviors of the Company

As we all know by now that, Chip maker AMD has currently being going through a very tough position which could possibly lead the company to delay its upcoming 28nm parts to 2014.

AMD 28nm Processors Delayed?

AMD, recently witnessed a worse third quarter revenue result of -10% which led the company to layoff 20-30 percent of its workforce consisting of engineers and marketing managers. The total number comes down to around 2200-3300 employees. The layoff would be announced soon with the announcement of the third quarter results.

With limited money to manufacturer chips and no reassurance to inventors about its current Roadmap execution, the launch of the 28nm Kaveri APUs and even Steamroller could be pushed to 2014. GlobalFoundries still remain as a partner of AMD though due to delays in Kaveri tapeout the APU would now be competing not against its intended rival Haswell but the 14nm Broadwell which too comes out in 2014. Steamroller also has to go against the same CPU from rival Intel leaving slim chances for it to offer that much of an enhanced performance.

In 2013, we would (might) see a revision of Trinity that's hoping AMD comes back strong financially but on the High-End desktop side, Vishera's faster clocked revisions would see the light of the day. AMD's Sea Islands in one way also seem to be affected by these issues at the company with their reported performance increase expectations now toned down to 15% from the previously expected 25%-30%. The company may adopt smaller Core and process improvements rather than investing high in bigger die sizes. However, the GPU roadmap won't be affected as much as the CPU and we would see Sea Islands by late Q1 2013 and Volcanic Islands in 2014.

We really hope that AMD gets back on its feet soon and deliver the new processors by 2013 to bring competition to the market but for now luck just doesn't seem to be there with the company.

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