Alleged NVIDIA GeForce GTX Titan LE GPU-Z Shot Leaked – Only 12 SMX Units Enabled on GK110 Core


GeForce GTX Titan LE

A day earlier, reports surfaced that NVIDIA could be preparing a cut down version of their recently launched GeForce GTX Titan GPU which would launch in Q3 2013. The new GPU is supposed to be codenamed GeForce GTX Titan LE and the first alleged GPU-z screenshot of the card has been leaked by Chiphell forums.

NVIDIA GK110's Little Brother - GeForce GTX Titan LE

As you can note from the GPU-z specifications, the GeForce GTX Titan LE features quite a slimmed down version of the GK110 core with 12 SMX units enabled compared to 14 SMX on the GTX Titan. The GeForce GTX Titan LE comes with 2304 Cores, 192 TMUs, 40 ROPs. The total VRAM has been adjusted down to 5 GB which runs across a 320-bit interface rather than a 384-bit interface pumping out 240.3 GB/s bandwidth. The clock speeds come as a surprise as they run on the same level as the GeForce GTX Titan, 837 MHz for core and 876 MHz Boost while the memory remains clocked at the reference 6008 MHz effective frequency.

Performance wise and if these specs are true, then the GeForce GTX Titan LE would be quiet a bit slower compared to the faster GeForce GTX Titan. The main reasons for this are both the skimmed down memory interface and GK110 core. The user did blur out the release date and BIOS version sections from GPU-z so we can't confirm on how legit this screenshot is.  One thing is however confirmed one way or another that a new GK110 GPU is indeed headed for launch in Q3 2013 in-between July or August. The pricing currently remains unknown and would be the defining factor for the GeForce GTX Titan LE. If NVIDIA puts a high price on this one than considering the performance degradation from the cut-down specs, GTX Titan would be a better choice. My guesstimate is around $650 - $750 but only time would tell.