Alienware M11x for $799

Omer Saleem

A company which is known for making laptops and notebooks for gamers but also known for its high price tag has done what the pundits of gaming and hardware said was not possible. A sub $1,000 Alienware gaming laptop that too which runs for 6.5 hours.

It is true that Alienware had been creating hype about its latest offering M11x to be sub $1,000 but what we did not know what that it would be this low. We are pleased!

Alienware M11X

Now, after the above exciting news, the downside to this laptop is that it is with 12 inch screen only. Yeah we know that it may have disappointed some but still, it is an Alienware people. You don't find anything like this even from HP or Toshiba.

This unit is speculated to run on Intel's Core i3 CPU along with Nvidia GT335M GPU.

For now Alineware website does not provide details or any information about the specs or price of this laptop / notebook as it is still running a campaign for free M11X giveaway. We will keep you posted when the official word gets out.

Update: Thanks to Engadget, the following confirmation of price was found when you view the page source

The Alienware M11x, with over 6.5 hours of battery life and weighing under 4.5 lbs. will start at an amazing $799! Leave it to the folks at Alienware to enable truly mobile performance gaming at an affordable price.

Alienware M11X

Alienware M11X

Alienware M11X

Aienware M11X

Photo Credit: Alienware

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