Aliens: The Ultimate Doom, Total Conversion Mod Now Available


The total conversion modification market place is still booming more than ever, and even for games that are far past their prime. Doom has one more total conversion mod that can be added to its docket. And Aliens themed mod is now available to challenge your senses against the Xenomorphs, Aliens: The Ultimate Doom.

Aliens: The Ultimate Doom is available in beta form to convert Doom into a classic Aliens horror-fest.

Kontra Kommando posted a video showing off all the great new things they've added to their total conversion mod of Doom, now at Beta 8.0. Most notable in the changes is that the AI has been tweaked to be a lot more aggressive. Now you're likely to be frightened by the nimble and contentious creatures as they swarm you and overwhelm you and your forces.

The Xenomorphs, will now strafe out of danger to avoid pain. They will perform jumping attacks, in two variations. Some will jump attack diagonally; also serving as a group flanking tactic against the player. Now the enemy horde will surround you, with jumping melee attacks. The acid ball has been omitted from every xenomorph except the Flying xeno.--Game-balancing and New enemy spawning rates-Many New Gibs have been added, and blood decals now work properly.

Sure the graphics a obviously a bit dated, but that doesn't mean it can't be fun, exciting and worth a look. Especially at the good price of free. Also, it's likely a better game than Destiny.

If you've ever seen the width and breadth of the total conversion mod selection out there for some games, especially Doom, then you're in for a treat. There are a lot of options to make entirely new ideas out a game. The mod market is as large as ever, even larger. But this just highlights how much fun people can have taking a relatively dead game and reviving it with new ideas.

Head on over to ModDB to get Aliens: The Ultimate Doom. But make sure that you have GZDoom installed first, it's a prerequisite.