AirPods Successor to Get Lots of Upgrades – Water-Resistance and Voice Activation for Siri Rumored

AirPods Successor to Get Lots of Upgrades - Water-Resistance and Voice Activation for Siri Rumored

The current-generation AirPods are a seamless way to connect to your iPhone thanks to its W1 chip, but they are not exactly perfect. Their somewhat obnoxious design has been called into question and to address some of the gripes and problems from customer feedback, Apple is said to be preparing a new iteration of AirPods for 2018 and 2019.

2018 AirPods Could Receive an Improved ‘W’ Chip With the Ability to Activate Siri Through Voice - 2019 Will Be Even Better

For the 2018 lineup, we could be seeing a pair of AirPods that will allow the user to activate Siri through voice control. This is going to be very helpful because now you will not have to your fingers to bring up Apple’s AI assistant. The more things get seamless for the average user the more better the experience is going to be, in our opinion.

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For the 2019 AirPods, another upgrade that we could be seeing from these wireless earphones is water-resistance. While the design could be slightly improved in order to appear less obnoxious, it would be better if Apple could introduce a slightly better form factor for its wireless earphones. We will naturally be seeing better battery life with the latest iteration of these products, and it will not hurt if the company is able to introduce more colors to go along with the latest iPhone family.

The water-resistance part is going to be limited as the AirPods will be able to withhold splashes of rain and water rather than holding off a full submersion like the company has done with the iPhone models and Apple Watch. In short, you will have to be careful with these too as Apple does not exactly go easy on your wallet when replacing or repairing these.

What sort of improvements do you think should be added to the next-generation AirPods? Tell us down in the comments.

News Source: Bloomberg

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