AirPods Pro Available for Just $169 if You Go the Renewed Route, Excellent Deal in World of Noise Cancelling Earphones


Apple's super famous AirPods Pro are currently available for just $169.99 if you take the Renewed route from Amazon.

Amazon Renewed is Offering the Apple AirPods Pro for Just $169.99 Today

Featuring Apple's headphone chip called the H1, the AirPods Pro are super capable earphones that do a lot of things in a tiny package. And today, you can experience all of it for a low price of just $169.99, thanks to Amazon Renewed.

Active noise cancelling is the highlighting feature of the AirPods Pro. Just turn it on and the ambient noise will simply go away. Transparency mode is available for those who want the complete opposite of noise cancelling, allowing you to listen in on the environment around you without taking off your AirPods.

Thanks to built-in Adaptive EQ, the AirPods Pro will adjust bass and treble according to your ear shape, making everything sound the way it should be.

With built-in 'Hey Siri' support, you can send text messages, check the weather, control your smart home and more without having to pull out your iPhone or iPad.

Everything is topped off with wireless charging capabilities. If you do run out of battery, just place the charging case on a Qi charger and you will start charging up instantly.

Buy Apple AirPods Pro (Renewed) - Was $249, now just $169.99