AirPods 3 Now Available in Non-MagSafe Option for $10 Less

Save $10 on AirPods 3 with Lightning only case option.

I'm calling it the worst deal in tech - you can buy the third-generation AirPods for $10 less if you're willing to buy them with a non-MagSafe Charging Case.

Apple Now Selling a New Variant of AirPods 3 with a Lightning-Only Charging Option

We're not making this up one bit. You have to pay $179 for the AirPods 3, which is not a bad price at all. You get a very nice pair of truly wireless earbuds with MagSafe Charging Case. But, if you think Apple is charging you way too much here, then you can save $10 and go for the Lightning-only option for the Charging Case. Yes, just $10 less.

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If this different was at least $29, it would have made a lot of sense, and going for the cheaper option would have been a better option for a lot of people. See, when you pay that $10 extra, you not only get MagSafe support, but you get the luxury to charge the AirPods 3 on top of any Qi wireless pad there is. But if you cheap out, you lose all the wireless luxury. It's best to just go for the $179 option and get the complete package.

If for some reason, you think $10 is going to make a huge difference for you, then the new option is right there waiting to be consumed. And don't worry, the Lightning-only version does come with a Lightning cable in the retail box.

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