Robot Cleaner for the Pool? Why Not! Aiper Seagull 3000 Is Here to Make Your Summer Even More Fun


Managed to get a house with a pool? Congratulations! But it's not as fun as it sounds, right? Everyone talks about diving right into the pool on the weekends, having pool parties, pool breakfasts, and spending the entire summer in the water until you turn into a raisin (okay, maybe not that part), but no one talks about what a chore cleaning a pool is. Things get even worse if you got one of those fancy irregular-shaped pools.

But, no more! Say hello to the Aiper Seagull 3000, the supercharged robotic pool cleaner that can clean the pool floor, walls, waterline, and everything in between! Coming with a massive 7800mAh floating battery, Seagull 3000 can clean up to 3229 sqft in one go. No more tangled cords or wasted power from current leakage.

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Aiper Seagull 3000 obviously does a better job when compared to the corded cleaners, but it's also much more advanced than cordless cleaners. Unlike most robotic pool cleaners whose built-in batteries come with limited capacity, are weak on suction, and can only make short trips thanks to the heavy battery on their back, Seagull 3000 comes with a big battery power that is separate from the main body, floating above the water with an unrivaled 120W of suction power. This unique design enables Seagull 3000 to give much better and longer performance than its competitors.

Pool robots that carry their batteries are slow. They crawl like turtles, offer weak suction, and quit before the job is done. Seagull 3000's floating battery not only guarantees a larger power supply but also offers a consistent Bluetooth connection, so the pool cleaner can be connected to the smart APP at all times. Cable-free, hands-free, hassle-free.

Aiper Seagull 3000: the hands-free, wall-climbing pool cleaner for the modern era

Seagull 3000 makes pool cleaning a completely automated process. Supported by an app and four different cleaning plans, you can have this little robot clean the walls and floors together, triple clean the floors, or even give the walls a light scrub.

Keep your pool perfectly clean, making you dive right in year after year, reducing the need to do any major renovations or maintenance rounds that become inevitable if a pool isn't regularly and properly cleaned.

Compared to cordless robot pool cleaners Compared to corded pool cleaners
Larger battery capacity No more tangling, achieving hassle-free cleaning
Longer runtime and larger cleaning coverage Preventing children from being tumbled by the cords
Stronger suction power No more hassles of maintenance
Waterline cleaning supported No more fear of electric shock

Aiper Seagull 3000 carries more than enough power to crawl walls of cement, fiberglass, or vinyl plastic, with smart maneuvering to go everywhere in even the oddest shaped pools. Whether your pool is shallow or deep, in-ground or above, circle, square, or kidney, or even if it has bumpy pool floors, Seagull 3000 will clean it out quickly, so you can get back to enjoying it.

Coming back home after a long vacation and feeling like the pool could do with special attention? Seagull 3000 robotic pool cleaner comes with a manual mode (through the Aiper app) that you can use to control the cleaner remotely. Using this mode, you can direct Seagull to any spot that needs extra attention or any hard-to-reach places.

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With auto-parking and auto-swerve, the Seagull 3000 works as an underwater excavator

Besides the superior cleaning power, Aiper has also included several other advanced features to make Seagull 3000 your perfect pool cleaning partner.

With its smart obstacle detection system, Seagull 3000 can maneuver around objects that it can't suck up. This means it's fully capable of dealing with drain caps, decorative items, or any bumps on your walls and floor, making it the perfect cleaning tool even for pools with uneven surfaces.

As for the actual debris, the Seagull 3000 carries more debris out of your pool than other robots, with its twin oversized filter baskets to hold an impressive 5.4 liters of debris at a time. It also keeps dirt and debris trapped inside so it doesn’t float back out into your pool - something super basic but hardly ever present in other pool cleaners. Seagull's ultra-fine filter baskets can capture debris as tiny as 180µm. This retention of even the tiniest of debris also helps you reduce the use of chemicals to kill microbes.

Seagull 3000 also has 360° auto-swerve technology. Featured with 3-axis motors, the Aiper Seagull 3000 can achieve 360° all-directional turning, optimizing the cleaning route constantly and covering 30% more cleaning area than an average cleaner.

Its auto-parking design helps the Seagull 3000 automatically park by the pool wall when the cleaning is done, or the battery is lower than 15%. No need to retrieve the cleaner in the middle of the pool, saving the hassle and making the pool cleaning much more manageable and hands-free.

Delivery, pricing, and more

Aiper Seagull 3000 will retail at $1,399 once it hits the market next month. However, right now (and for the next four days), you can get this robotic pool cleaner for just $699 (at the early bird discount of $700).

The company plans to begin the delivery in late May for its US patrons, while the rest of its buyers will get their Seagull 3000 starting from early June. The product is currently in the mass production stage, and the company has already sent out a few samples to beta testers.

Head over to Kickstarter to learn more about this fantastic product and get an early bird 50% discount.

Aiper Seagull 3000 Specs

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