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Agent 47 Reprises His Iconic Role in the Next Hitman


The wind is howling around you, the temperature is below zero, the clock is ticking and you're running. Running as fast as you can through a snow-covered forest to test the skills you once possessed, getting your body conditioned for the next Hitman contract, coming soon.

Agent 47, is returning to fulfill yet another contract as part of the ICA in the near future with the next Hitman.

The thrilling trailer goes through a montage of the future exploits of our friend and mentor, Agent 47. Switching from him seemingly training to get back into shape from a sabbatical to showing violent scenes of events that you will potentially get a chance to help shape. We see him assassinating fashion royalty, an individual injecting their wine with an unknown substance and of course Agent 47 performing what appears to be an execution, with a side-shot nonetheless. A professional should know better, however.

From the trailer itself, Hitman appears to be returning to the darker and more realistic origin of its foremost titles, making a departure from the previous two Hitman titles. Perhaps this is indeed the Hitman you're looking for, the Agent 47 we remember stalking through Hong Kong or Budapest, with multiple very complex yet thrilling ways to accomplish a given mission.

Hitman is not exclusive to the PS4 and will be released on the Xbox One and PC as well, though there will be quite a few fantastic PS4 exclusive pre-order bonuses that add real value to the game. You'll get access to a beta test, and six exclusive contracts available only to those that pre-order for the PS4. Amazon lists Hitman with a tentative release date of December 31st, 2015, though that might just be a placeholder as is common. Pre-order for any platform at your favorite retailer for $59.99.