Affordable “yeedi vac” Robot Vacuum Is Even Cheaper Right Now!


yeedi is a fairly recent entry into the market of affordable robot vacuum cleaners. If the price point was a deterrent for you to try hassle-free automated cleaning, yeedi has the right products for you. While even the older models of companies like iRobot cost more than just a few hundred dollars, yeedi offers its smart vacuum cleaners for less than $300.

In a world where every one of us is constantly juggling multiple things, trying to get things done, home cleanliness is something that can go to the back burner. Tired of waiting for the weekend to get rid of the mess? Get yourself a robot cleaner that will automate this whole process for you.

yeedi promises ease and efficiency with its budget smart vacuum cleaners. The company is currently offering discounts on the following 3 models, all with different functionality and price point.

yeedi vac promises luxuriously smart cleaning without the luxury price (deal: $209.99)

yeedi vac robot vacuum cleaner comes with all the latest features you would expect from a smart vacuum cleaner, including the editable home map and smart mapping and navigation. yeedi vac maps out your space like a GPS for whole-floor coverage without missing any spots. It also comes with app control, Visual SLAM, and more to give you super fresh and clean floors.

One of the most useful features of the yeedi vac is its ability to detect carpets, as the company has specifically designed it for carpets. This results in increased suction when the smart vacuum cleaner detects a carpeted area, giving you a deeper clean of the entire house regardless of the floor type.

"It takes more power to remove dirt and debris on the carpet. yeedi’s carpet detection sensor recognizes the carpet and increases the suction power automatically to capture dirt hidden deep down."

With yeedi vac, you also get up to 110 minutes of non-stop cleaning on a single charge. If you have a big house, yeedi will automatically return to the charging dock to recharge and resume cleaning right where it left off. Some of its specs include:

  • Model: yeedi k760
  • Visual SLAM
  • Suction Power: 600/1500/3000Pa
  • Dustbin Capacity: 450 ml
  • Battery Capacity: 2600 mAh
  • Working Time: 110 mins
  • Charging Time: 4 Hours
  • Carpet Detection 
  • Auto-Boost Suction
  • Obstacle Crossing Ability: 9 mm
  • Control: yeedi app, Alexa

yeedi vac retails for $299, but you can get it for just $209.99 from Amazon (don't forget to check the coupon box and use code CARPENTER). Walmart is more your place? Check this product page.

yeedi vac is upgradable to get you more luxury

If you want more luxury, yeedi makes that possible! Instead of trying new products, you can simply decide to upgrade yeedi vac. The modular design enables you to upgrade the yeedi vac into a mopping cleaner. You can also get the self-empty function to upgrade your cleaning experience.

yeedi vac

Need the mopping function right away? Just get yeedi vac max (Walmart), now for $279.99 (originally for $399.99). The 3-in-1 home cleaning hero, aka yeedi vac station (Walmart), which comes with both the mopping function and self-emptying station, is available for $379.99 (retails for $499.99).

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