Adobe Brings Photoshop Fix And Photoshop Sketch For The iPad Pro


The ultra-hyped iPad Pro has finally made it to the stage. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most beautifully designed pieces of hardware that integrates with the new operating system in a proficient manner. The iPad is designed considering a lot of aspects in mind such as productivity, creativity as well as domestic use. With such a large screen real estate, the means of interactions have been widened. This narrows down to a new addition in Apple's accessory department, the Apple Pencil.

The Apple Pencil is a great interactive tool that will enable users to create wonderful art as well as enhance productivity. To sum it all up, the iPad Pro with Apple Pencil is a dynamic duo that eases the way we interact with the technology. However, Apple has made use of a lot developers who are specialized in their field of development. A bigger screen requires specialized apps for creativity and productivity. Two new apps from Adobe have contributed to the iPad Pro for advanced editing options.

Let's see how these two apps stack up against the iPad Pro's larger screen real estate.

Adobe Introduces Two New Apps For The iPad Pro

Adobe is here with some new apps, focusing on productivity and creativity of the iPad Pro. One of the apps introduced by Adobe is the Photoshop Fix. Photoshop Fix is a great app for fixing errors in pictures. It has Auto Face detection that enables you to make changes to the picture. For instance, making a person smile from a dull smolder. The app is really powerful and works according to the needs of the consumer. This means no need to re-shoot pictures, you can simply use Adobe's Photoshop Fix and fix the issue. The app has been optimized for the iPad Pro.

Another app from Adobe besides the Photoshop Fix is the Photoshop Sketch. Similar to the Photoshop Fix, Photoshop Sketch is a creative app that enables users to create amazing sketches right on their iPad Pro. The app integrates with the Apple Pencil and provides utility beyond the standard touch control. For instance, pressing the Apple Pencil harder on the display would result in darker colors and vice versa. The app has more options and integrates with other apps for more extensive utility.

Overall, the two new apps to be introduced by Adobe will be only the first few of the apps taking productivity and utility in mobile operating systems to a new level. As for now, share your thoughts about these two apps in the comments.