Add Virtual Home Button To iPhone Quickly And Easily


Looking to add a virtual Home button to your iPhone? Here's how you can do just that in a quick and easy fashion.

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Add A Virtual Home Button To iPhone And Save Your Hardware From Wearing Out Quickly

The iPhone's Home button has been there since the launch of the original iPhone back in 2007 and has served the purpose of bringing people back to their home screens very well. Over time though, the Home button has seen a couple of changes, such as the added functionality of bringing up the multitasking view and of course a hardware revision incorporating biometric capabilities in the form of Touch ID. All of that aside, the main purpose of the Home button still remains to be the same - click once and jump back into the home screen wherever you are in iOS.

Since the Home button is a mechanical piece of hardware, therefore it will definitely wear out over time, losing that satisfying click, or even worse, completely cease to work, forcing you to opt for a replacement device or a repair. Not ideal if you're asking us.

The solution?

Add a virtual Home button to your iPhone instead using a jailbreak tweak called 'SPTouch for iOS 9' that works in a far more superior way than Cupertino's AssistiveTouch feature, in that it's absolutely minimal and easy to access from anywhere you like as well.

With this fantastic Tweak you can have a small button accessible through all views like the original Assistive Touch.

You can use it to emulate all the most important physical buttons of yuor device in this way.



You even get great customizing options with the tweak as well, allowing you to change the color of the virtual Home button, it's size, border color, transparency, initial side position etc. In short, the tweak will keep you busy for quite a while so that you can achieve that perfect look before you can get over with your business.

The tweak is absolutely free to download and we recommend giving it a try at least once, especially under the situation where you might think that your Home button is going towards the direction of failing altogether. Besides, it never hurts to try out anything that's free, right? It absolutely doesn't.

Be sure to let us know in the comments section below what you think about this tweak. We will be waiting to hear back from your guys!