Score a Top Project Management Position with Agile Scrum Certification – 86% Off


Project management may sound a trendy job title, but it requires more than just leadership skills to increase the quality and predictability of projects. Agile Scrum is an industry-leading project management methodology that is used by major tech companies to promote teamwork and improve communication. Today's featured deal  brings you huge savings on five Agile and Scrum project management courses. Now you can get Agile and Scrum Project Management Certification Training for just $49.

Become certified in Agile Scrum with 174 lessons

Following are the five courses that are part of this premium bundle. Head over to Wccftech Deals for more details of this bundle.

1- Scrum for Agile Scrum Practitioners

Discover Agile Scrum & Revolutionize Your Project Management Process

Whether you are new to Scrum or want to improve your skills, this comprehensive course will help you master the ins and outs of Agile Scrum in your organization, with reference to the Project Management Institute's Agile Certified Practitioner Handbook.

2- Scrum for Managers

Become the Efficient Manager Companies Demand Through These 34 Lectures

Agile Scrum is a proven management methodology to streamline software development projects and increase productivity. Being able to lead teams in Agile Scrum will give you a big leg up on your peers and help you climb the career ladder faster than you thought possible. With this course designed for managers, you'll gain important management skills to become the leader your company wants you to be.

3- Scrum for Scrum Masters

Uncover Powerful Project Management Techniques to Become the Next Office Leader

A Scrum Master is the facilitator for a scrum team, and manages the process for how information is exchanged between team members. They are essential cogs in a project management machine and can be instrumental to a project's success. Over these 37 lessons you'll learn how to become a Scrum Master and start taking greater responsibilities in the workplace.

4- Scrum for Product Owners

37 Lessons to Master Important Project Oversight Principles & Nail That Big Promotion

In the Agile Scrum project management methodology, Product Owners are the overseers of team goals and progress. Although Agile Scrum was originally conceived for software development projects, the skills of Product Owners can be applied across many industries and project types. This course will give you essential management skills to be a better manager and better qualified for promotion.

5- Scrum for Team Members

Put Your Best Foot Forward by Learning How to Implement the Agile Scrum Project Management Method

Agile refers to a group of software development methodologies that promote a disciplined and collaborative project management process. Scrum is a subset of Agile that aims to minimize the overhead of a process, and maximize the amount of productive time available to get useful work done. Over this course, you'll receive a crash course in how to apply Agile Scrum to your own teams and projects, so you can make an impression and rise through the ranks.

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