8-Bit Armies Coming to Xbox One and PlayStation 4


Petroglyph Games announced today they are releasing 8-Bit Armies on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 as well as on PC this Summer. The team is working with publisher Soedesco in order to release digital and boxed versions of their RTS game.

The team behind 8-Bit Armies is filled with AAA development veterans who've worked on classic RTS games like Command and Conquer and Star Wars: Empire at War and Grey Goo.

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8-Bit Armies is being referred as an 'accessible' RTS game that uses impressive blocky voxel retro-art style. When asked why they decided to go with this particular style, here's what Petroglyph Games had to say:

We really enjoy the simple and clean look that a pixel-based art style gives the game. The art style reflects the straightforward gameplay mechanics we've incorporated that made original RTS titles so popular. Over time, "improvements" to RTS games meant adding complexity which greatly narrowed the audience. With 8-Bit Armies we're looking to broaden that audience with a fast, fun, and highly accessible game that requires minimal instruction. Using a simpler, but high-quality pixelated art style also broadens the appeal of the game to players that might not have given it a second look.

Here's everything you can expect from 8-Bit Armies at launch, courtesy of Soedesco:

  • Jump right in with easy to understand modern military units and structures
  • Play cooperatively or versus the AI choosing from multiple difficulty options
  • Use classic RTS Base-Building mechanics to construct the ultimate HQ from which to attack your foes
  • Explore a variety of locales, destroying everything that gets in your way with devastating superweapons
  • Two campaigns with a total of 40 single-player combat missions for many hours of gameplay
  • Join your friends to play 12 co-op missions against a variety of AI opponents
  • Gather up to 8 online players to team up in one of the dozen multiplayer/skirmish maps

8-Bit Armies is due out this Summer on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.