6 Paid iPhone & iPad Apps Can Be Downloaded for Free Today


Here's a handy list of 6 paid iOS apps which you can download absolutely for free today. Hurry up, before they return to their original prices.

Download ULTIMEYES, Monogram, Roofbot & More for Free on Your iOS Device

The drill is extremely simple: we bring the apps to you, and you press the 'Download' button. Simply pick up your iPhone or iPad and get started.

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ULTIMEYES - Regular price $4.99

Improve your performance in ULTIMEYES®.

Enjoy flexible interactive sessions and track your progress as your performance improves in ULTIMEYES®.

Your vision is important. For most of us vision is the most highly relied upon of the 5 senses. See just how easy it is in ULTIMEYES®, to track your progress on exercises that require visual acuity, reaction speed, contrast sensitivity and more.

Download ULTIMEYES for iOS

Monogram - Regular price $0.99

Monogram is the easiest way to design pretty, custom wallpaper for your iPhone and iPad.

Select a background inspired by the latest fashion and home styles. Or use your own photo. Customize font, color, monogram frame shape and more.

Change your lock screen design seasonally, or even daily, just because. Send a personalized surprise to friends. Share your designs via email, text or Facebook. Save your designs on your camera roll.

Download Monogram for iOS

Stationery - Regular price $0.99

Unlock your inner preppy artist with Stationery. Get creative with easy tools, trendy backgrounds and fun, themed stickers that express YOU!

Download Stationery for iOS

Doodles - Regular price $0.99

Doodles -- the easiest way to add beautiful, hand drawn designs to personalize your photos from artists all over the world.

Download Doodles for iOS

Roofbot - Regular price $2.99

Guide Roofie through gorgeous, meditative rooftops and try to get the right color energy balls into the proper slots to solve the puzzle. But beware -- the architecture changes as you interact with it so think ahead. Every step you take may lead you closer to the goal, or trap you on the roof forever.

Download Roofbot for iOS

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PDF Pro 2 - Regular price $3.99

PDF Pro 2 lets you read, edit and annotate your PDF documents directly on your iPhone and iPad. Highlight text, take notes, embed shapes or draw with your finger. You can even embed voice recordings or photo annotations. Full-text-search your entire PDF library with just a single tap.
Above all PDF Pro 2 comes with full-featured PDF form and signature support.

Download PDF Pro 2 for iOS

Wrap Up

That wraps up our list for today, hopefully we will see you back again along with the next one.