5 Cydia Tweaks That Could Use An Apple Watch Jailbreak

Ben Reid

Apple's first smartwatch effort is now upon us, and the question nagging many fans of Cydia tweaks for iPhone and iPad is whether there will be a jailbreak for the smaller-displaying gadget. At this point, it's perhaps a tad premature to even speculate, but it's an exciting prospect nonetheless, and here, we look at five tweaks that could work wonders on the gadget everybody's talking about.


For those unfamiliar, the F.lux tweak is one that can adjust the warmth of an iOS device's display for more comfortable viewing. With subtle, warm system-wide tones that can be adjusted automatically or at the discretion of the user, it's a must-download for almost every jailbreaker, and since the Apple Watch is designed to be interacted with at regular intervals, we think it'd be a neat little feature to have as a tweak for the device.


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Sure, it gets a bit of stick for being rather heavy on resources at times, but Winterboard's ability to customize the appearance of iOS is still unmatched. The Apple Watch interface, revered for its beauty, is not necessarily in need of any major aesthetic adjustments, Winterboard-level customizability is something we would not turn our noses up at.

With Winterboard in your Apple Watch jailbreak repertoire, you could feasibly modify any of your icons for a more (or less, if you please) uniformed appearance, and with so many talented designers lurking in and around Cydia, we'd relish the chance to see what alternative themes could be dreamed up.

No Tracking

In this day and age, we should all be conscious of how our digital data is being tracked, sold, and generally used -- often without our explicit consent. No Tracking is a tweak that lets users block apps from keeping tabs on data, protecting privacy and security, and as an added trump card, it also helps to conserve battery.

Apple Watch does manage a full day's mixed usage, which is sufficient for most users, but any tweak that can help to dredge even a few extra minutes is definitely worth having installed.


The all-in-one tweak that lets you adjust and modify almost every facet of iOS, it's hard to imagine using Apple Watch without the same level of jurisdiction over functions, transitions and UI elements in general. From removing little bits of iOS that you don't like to completely altering those that you do, there's very little that Springtomize cannot infiltrate, and should Apple Watch ever see a jailbreak, a large portion of jailbreakers will be hoping that developer Filippo Bigarella ports his iconic tweak to the smaller-displaying gadget.


Saving perhaps the most important until last, Activator is the workhorse behind many of your favorite tweaks. Enabling you to invoke certain actions using shortcuts, button presses and swipes, it could, for example, be used to decide what happens with a double press of the Digital Crown or a two-finger swipe from one side of the device to another.

If a jailbreak for Apple Watch were to manifest itself, Activator would need to be at the very top of the list, and with many having become so accustomed to its presence over the past few years, any jailbreak would feel bereft without Activator working its magic.

So, that's our top five, but what would you love to see from an Apple Watch jailbreak? Since there's no real indication that any work will be done to exploit the software -- save a little speculation from the Evad3rs jailbreak team -- we shouldn't get too carried away. But still, it's okay to dream, right?

We'd love to hear your thoughts on the matter, so please do leave a comment below!

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